Our fall/winter contests are now underway! Categories include feature film scripts, pilots/MOWs and TV spec scripts. Simply click on the FILM and TV links for info. Thanks to all who submitted to our sring/summer contests--all winners and finalists will be announced AUGUST 12, 2014

We are offering a special discount to students--only $25 per entry!

NOTE: Electronic submissions and payments now accepted! Please see guidelines for info or contact us at with any enquiries.

Recent Additions:

Our affiliated production companies will have the chance to consider the scripts of the winners, runners-up and finalists, for our film and TV contests.

We're always expanding! Here are the latest companies to join us, showing great interest in reading scripts our winners and finalists.

  • PARADIGM TALENT AGENCY, with offices in Los Angeles, New York City, Monterey, California and Nashville, Tennessee, Paradigm has established itself as a leading entertainment talent agency, guiding the careers of an elite roster of actors, musical artists, directors, writers and producers.

  • AVALANCHE FILMS, founded in Los Angeles with the goal of "creating well crafted films that take risks."

  • LANCASTER GATE ENTERTAINMENT, based in Encino, California

  • (Grumpy Old Men, Grumpier Old Men, Secret Cutting)

  • SSS ENTERTAINMENT, a film and tv production company in Beverly Hills (Guardian Angels)

  • STARS NORTH, an award-winning, independent company based in Florida

  • (The Single Chick's Guide To Italy, Hotel Paradise)

    In addition, through our new sponsors our top three screenplay winners and our pilot/MOW winner and runner up will receive:

    • Scripped Pro's most complete software offering, with all features available and sneak previews of the cool new stuff their engineers are working on.

    • Private groups, where Scripped Pro members can manage and invite their friends to collaborate on scripts and other projects.

    • Pro Only contests, sponsored by top industry professionals, as well as discounts from their screenplay service partners.

    And through our sponsors our top three screenplay winners will receive:

    • The Full Script Delivery: a personal e-query sent to over 3,000 industry professionals comprised of studio executives, producers, agents etc.

    • Eight month access to their Contact Database, which has contact information for thousands of studios, production companies, producers, literary agencies, managers and executives, plus it allows writers to keep custom contact lists and keep notes on their dealings with companies they're submitting to.

    To see our full list of affiliations click here!


    Trusty nuggets of wisdom from our popular series on submitting, characterization, dialogue, storytelling ability, and just about anything concerning scriptwriting.

    On Submitting:


    With all due respect, your are not shipping a Faberge egg. You are not sending a human heart or plutonium through the mail. Youíre sending PAPER. There is no need to insulate it with 30 yards of bubble wrap and incubate it in a cardboard box, with every crevice taped up so tightly itís impossible to breach without plastic explosives.

    A standard manuscript envelope is preferred, and for a single script it is enough. If you do send multiple scripts in a cardboard mailer, make sure it has that nifty tab that allows for easy access when pulled.

    On Format and Style:


    There is only one: Courier, 12 point. Nothing else, ever.

    And donít think youíre pulling a fast one by using some microscopic lettering but still technically weighing in at 120 pages. This only ticks off the readers. And forcing them to squint repeatedly only frustrates them, another thing you want to avoid, believe me.

    Stay tuned for more nuggets!